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re: RM Rules

All rules must be read and taken into account by all members to ensure that the community remains a friendly environment

-Set a good example
-Be polite
-Don't forget to have fun
-If anyone isnt correct or any member isnt respecting somone or something is your duty as member talk to an admin in order to be resolved. Don't let it pass or problem wont be solved.
-If anything sometimes go wrong, have the strenght to pass it and try resolve it. Never loose to the path to insanity and rudness.

-You need have the original game for the RM events, RM doesnt support piracy.

-You should always maintain a good atmosphere & use english.
-Themes like religion,sex, countries... can be chated as long YOU NEVER disrespect nothing or noone, disrispect can result in a warning, or even a ban.
-Think twice before sending a joke about anything that can offend somone.
-Watch your language.
-You have to understand that there is a a lot of variety in community members regardling countries, sex, age, opinions...
-Try avoid the use of swear words.
-When and admin warns you to stop, take his advice ;)

-Any member misbehaving after they have been given a warning may be removed from the community.

-When we set up a date and time for a event, you should come earlier in order when the group is started you are online, if you arent online at marked time an admin is free to wait, penalize or even disqualify you (Very rare)

-Never sign/pay for a event unless you are told to by an admin.

- All times are Portuguese / UK hour. So confirm your timezones.

We are open to everyone who wants to have a great fun while gaming.
So if you are interested or know someone that want to join us be free to aplly! ;)

Keep Safe!... or not! twisted

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